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Professional Services 

KARAT & CARAT CONSULTING offers private confidential Jewelry consultations for clients in The Villages, Ocala and surrounding areas.
As an independent jewelry appraiser, Nancy Porter thoroughly examines your fine jewelry and luxury items and discusses your options for liquidation.
All her valuations are completely objective and accurate with current Fair Market Values.
Our fee's are based on the examination of the pieces and the complexity of the design and research time to determine its Fair Market Value in todays Market.

What is Fair Market Values? 
The fair market value provides an estimate of the likely selling price of a piece of jewelry if it is sold in its current, as-is condition, in its most common market.
An example of fair market value might be the price that an item sells for at a local auction, private individual or other selling venue.


               Professional Appraisal Services
We use the newest technology in appraising your jewelry. 
Instappraise is a cloud based service that lets us email you your appraisal and you can log in to your account at anytime to review.

              All your personal information is confidential.